Portable Ice Maker Reviews: Brands and Models

The Portable Ice Maker is a unit can be place on top of the counter. Basically, they are the smallest and fastest ice makers that can be found in the market. The kind of ice that they produced has a bullet shape and has an opaque and cloudy appearance. Though it does not keep the ice from melting, the appliance tends to recycle the water and make more ice. The process of making ice takes about ten minutes.

Here are some of the benefits of having a portable ice maker in your home or even office. For one, it is portable thus can be placed in any location that the user finds necessary. Secondly, the ice is made in the shortest time possible. In addition, the ice cubes come in various forms. They can either be small, medium or even large sized. It is an item that can make your party stand out. It is also easy to carry around and operate too. One can carry out whenever they have an outdoor activity with a lot of ease. Very little maintainace is needed too.

Needless to say, this maker has some unique and appealing features. To begin with, it has a sleek and compact design which can perfectly fit in little spaces. It also has a self-touch controls and LCD displays that are very easy to read. In addition, it does not require permanent installation and it is ideal for outdoor gatherings as it is portable. Lastly, it has an ice scoop and a removable bin.

One of the drawbacks that most users have complained about is that it is a bit noisy. When the ice drops on the tray, it is quite loud. However, many people tend to ignore it since the convenience it offers to them outweighs the noise. This is a must have item in your home.