Scotsman Ice Maker – Indoor and Outdoor, Various Sizes

Scotsman Ice MakerThe Scotsman Ice Maker is manufactured by the Scotsman industry. This is only one of the few products that they manufacture. Some of the other products associated with the company include dispensers, bins and flakers. Generally, they are designed in such a way that water usage and utility costs are drastically reduced. Though it prices may be slightly higher, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Scotsman Ice Maker is known for its outstanding quality. To crown it all, the company uses employs the latest technology even as they design their products. Here are some benefits of using this ice maker. First of all, it is very efficient as the usage of water is greatly minimized. The users will also experience a decrease in the utility costs. Secondly, this product has a smarter quality. In fact, it has received an ISO 9001:2000 certification.

In addition, food safety is ensured at all times. It also has a patented water sense system which ensures that the ice maker remains cleaner for longer and at the same time inhibits growth of microbes. It also has excellent performance. It has features such as external indicator lights and self monitoring operation which makes its operation easy, reliable and foolproof too. Lastly, it is small in size and it produces taste free ice cubes.

Some of features that this product has are the stainless steel finish. It also produces a small ice cube which makes it easy to handle. It is also ideal for blended juices, thanks to the fact that it can easily break down thus making a smoother finish. It also has advanced controls which assist the user to maintain the right ice levels needed. In addition, it has a purge control that aims at reducing scale build up.

However, there are several disadvantages that an individual may experience. For instance, it is very expensive to use them in residential areas. In addition, it is not big enough for medium to large size restaurants.