Sub Zero Ice Maker – Reviews of Various Models

Sub Zero Ice MakerSub Zero Ice Maker is a machine that many buyers take for granted, assuming that it cannot benefit them in anyway. This does not mean that is is not a good item to have in your home. The company that manufactures of this product has ensured that their products are appealing, innovative, aesthetically and technologically advanced and are aimed at meeting the needs of an individual. It is a must have in the kitchen and office too.

Sub Zero Ice Maker has some outstanding features that most clients look for. Here are some of the unique features that the icemaker has. It can be fitted with either stainless steel door front panel or a custom overlay. It also has a classical stainless door panel which can be covered, tubular or even a pro handle present. In addition, it has a front venting with a removable kick plate unit.

This has the benefit of enabling the unit to be serviced from the front. Aside from that , it also possess an automatic defrost, reversible door swing , solid core door with a door closer and gasket and an ice storage bin of up to 25 lbs. Other additional features include the LED bin light, water filter and ice scoop among others.

There are some specifications that are meant to be followed to ensure that the ice maker functions properly. It needs an electrical requirement of about 115 V AC. The dedicated circuit needs to be about fifteen amps. For plumbing purposes, a copper line must be used. Anything contrary to these specifications may cause the ice maker to malfunction.

Some of the problems that may be experienced by the use of the Sub Zero Ice Maker are that it may produce dirty or small amounts of ice. At times, the ice may leak or even ice production stopped together. However, there are experts who can help you solve this mess and get your system back on track.